An Open Letter to the Resident Minister North SLPP’s Abu-Abu Exposed

Dear Mr. Minister,


Your desperate and deliberate attempts as Resident Minister North and your Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) operatives in Makeni, have failed in several ways all geared towards eclipsing the good works of former President Ernest Bai Koroma and smearing the hard earned reputation of the All People’s Congress (APC). The Resident Minister, Abu-Abu Koroma was last week quoted by one of the local newspapers alleging that in Makeni, former President Koroma’s development interventions were selective mostly centred on the Koroma family.

The Regional Minister’s attacks and fallacies against former President Koroma purporting that the city of Makeni didn’t benefit much from the former head of state administration  could be seen as a personal ploy to cause disunity among communities in the region and tarnish the good image of the former Head of State.

It also clearly speaks to the fact that the SLPP failed to be abreast with what the Koroma led APC government was busy doing for Sierra Leoneans around the country. But again if you can drive your car on tarmac road, receive regular water and power supplies then you will know that indeed a large percentage of development was achieved.

Please Minister Koroma stop telling us you are not aware of the good works of former President Koroma and the APC. Therefore don’t smear the hard earned image of the former President with your outburst hate statement, because your attacks imply that you are not even supportive of President Julius Maada Bio’s New Direction, a governance blue print that is set to toe the line and continue with the legacies of former President Koroma. This is due to the fact that President Bio knows that his predecessor left him a solid foundation upon which he can consolidate his development aspirations.

Minister Abu-Abu Koroma’s hate speech against the Koroma family and the former President in particular, is geared  towards trying to incite communities in the north against the much ever loved leader ,Sierra Leone has ever produced in the country’s political anal.

However there is no way the SLPP Government can eclipse the legacies of President Koroma and the APC, not even talking of sowing discord between him, the people of Bombali and the north in particular if not the entire country.

The statement of the Regional Minister is far from the truth and the handiwork of former President Koroma are visible everywhere in the country, and it is unfortunate for Abu-Abu-Koroma to attack the former head of state, blaming him for allegedly limiting development programmes on his family members. This is where he missed the point!

What the Regional Minister Abu-Abu Koroma is consciously failing to understand from the APC administration, is that former President Koroma was never a President of Makeni nor the northern region, but a President of Sierra Leone as a whole, and that is the more reason he went across the nation with development programmes through the Agenda for Change which metamorphosed to the Agenda for Prosperity and which successfully delivered on their targeted goals. Besides, the Regional Minister Abu-Abu Koroma needs to wake up from his long slumber and remove whatever is blocking his vision from seeing what the former President and the APC led government did in the last ten years, so that he can learn the good lessons from the party.

Moreover, he should also be very much aware of the fact that Makeni has transformed rapidly from abysmal darkness to transcendental light, and the City cannot  revert to the dark old days of the 90s, nor even the early 2000s but a forward march with development; wherein the people of the northern regional capital with no exception of Resident Minister North, Abu-Abu Koroma can now brag of having regular electricity and pipe borne water supplies, not to talk of tarmac roads with the municipality itself. The former President consolidated his development thirst by the establishment of more universities, provided health care delivery service amongst other key social services.

If you can vividly recall Mr. Regional Minister, Makeni was inherited in a miserable status, with absolute lack of water and electricity supply. There were pot-riddle roads right across the township, poor trade and commerce environment that virtually made business and investment difficult for the people.

Apart from that, former President Koroma delivered on social services not just in his home region but the whole country, starting from Freetown down to every district in the country. Perhaps you may not have been privileged to travel around to see the positive indicators of the Ernest Bai Koroma led Government.

So if at all your exposure is just limited to Makeni, the region where you are assigned, then you should desist from making derogatory statements and hate speech against former President Koroma and the country, because your statements appear as if you are not in touch with progress in your home district, let alone to talk about other places in Sierra Leone. What have you and your already failed SLPP Bio led government has done to improve the lives of the people? Instead your Government is busy terminating, dismissing Sierra Leoneans from offices as if they aliens which indicate gross violation of human rights and insensitivity to the plight of their dependants.

And the next time you attempt to attack former President Koroma you will always receive our reply as and when required. The fact that your newly appointed office has a lot of job to do but you do not seem to be paying much attention on your terms of reference as a regional minister but to continue with power intoxication to cry down the laudable efforts of the political maestro Ernest Bai Koroma. He used to treat everybody as one and went far in uniting communities in the north. Analysts are of concern that your frivolous and persistent preaching of hate speech especially against the former President has the tendency of causing trouble in the region. Can someone tell Minister Abu-Abu to shut up and stay focus? I rest my pen.

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