SLPP Vampire Economists, the Politics of Debts

Saffa of bread and butter bionomics

Saffa of bread and butter bionomics

Although voters were never promised domestics and foreign debts redemption by Julius Maada Bio during his presidential campaigns in 2012 and in 2018 but, the government’s immediate switch to debts management is not helping the local business sectors especially those in the infrastructure sector. Local contractors always cry foul in the hands of harsh government policies and the long withholdings of their moneys at the Ministry of Finance are already affecting local businesses in the civil engineering and construction sectors in Sierra Leone, under the vampire economists, manning our financial sector.


The politics of redeeming Sierra Leone from local and international debts by the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party SLPP upon coming to governance should not be claiming political gains for paying our debts which is not a new thing, but country’s poorly managed domestics and foreign debts by the governing SLPP vampires economists, with the motive of subjecting the people to massive sufferings.


This is done simply to secure political points for their destructive campaigns against the main opposition All People’s Congress (APC). And government should know what the people of Sierra Leone are in dire need of basic social needs, which should be put in place by any sober administration, rather than just rushing into vampire debts settlements with a purpose of political campaigns against the humiliating sufferings of the nation. However in a country where people hardly secure three square meals a day not to talk of providing steady job opportunities for its people, the citizens will never feel fully secured. And this is a mere shame for us in Sierra Leone to be seeing the SLPP led government of president Bio lavishing public funds on unnecessary issues only to please and satisfy himself, immediate relatives and friends whiles the people go to bed hungry with over millions of them roaming the streets with little or no hope of getting jobs.


In fact, domestic and foreign debts are always owed by governments everywhere in the world but president Bio has since he came to power, he and his entire government have been shouting all over the place for paying the country’s debts whiles blaming its predecessors for incurring too much local and international debts, with president Bio forgetting what he left in state coffers in March 1996 when he handed over the mantle of leadership to late former president Dr Alhaji Ahmed Tejan Kabbah the rest now with history.


Nevertheless the desperations being manifested by the SLPP government for the said payments of the country’s debts, it is not anything local contractors and the entire business community are happy about, because it is directly affecting their businesses. What is more significant for the government is that they are honoring the country’s local and international debts finished and not the massive sufferings caused by imposed economic hardships and lavish public expenditures on luxuries for government officials and the presidency, which in the Bio terms is a very prudence means of debts management and public expenditures amidst all top vampire economists working with the government.


This weak and poorly planned SLPP failed strategy has been exposed and countered even before attempt at its execution, considering the snail pace at which the national economy is driving under the leadership of president Bio and the dead governorship of Prof. Kaifala Kallon at the Bank of Sierra Leone. It is also under these vampire politicians the country is experiencing the worse economic situation, with drastic drop in the local currency giving way to flying foreign currencies to hit rooftops, all causing the harsh problems of bread and butter.


The destructive vampire economists’ politics of debts campaign are lies designed by SLPP operatives to blackmail and defame the main opposition APC party and last administration of former president Dr Ernest Bai Koroma, using the alarming figures of so-called debts owed by the past government. If you would all vividly recalled when the SLPP government set in last year, the first few months, they were everywhere making noise that they inherited broken economy with empty coffers even when they were being paid yet, they claimed to have inherited the worst economy from the last Koroma administration. That tells you that the SLPP vampires, starting from the top to the bottom are not sincere with the people.


There are still too many inconsistencies in their communications and interactions with the public. And now the so-called domestic and foreign debts settlements are being managed at the detriments of the suffering masses amidst national economic hardship, largely caused by SLPP vampire economists. The ploy is unacceptable as it is a move to deprive the people of basic social services and direct such funds to the said payments of domestic and foreign debts to secure points to please their selfish political desires.


However, settling a country’s domestic and international debts does not means government should ignore the provision of other social services to communities back home, especially where you have so many unpaid local contractors. Like the popular saying goes; ‘charity begins at home’ by the local content policy Sierra Leonean contractors and other businesses should be given priority and preferences over foreign investors but it’s the exactly opposite which is why local businesses are crying of being bullied by harsh tax and revenue mobilization policies.


The unnecessary provocative noise against rival APC, and has to a large extent blackmailed the main opposition’s last administration of financial corruption, with huge foreign debts, which led to the setting up of the witch hunt commissions of inquiries and other means of political suppressions that were strategized against the main opposition APC members.


Speaking on Radio Democracy FM 98.1 ‘Good Morning Salone programme’ on Wednesday July 24th 2019, the Governor of the Bank of Sierra Leone, Prof. Kaifala Kallon exposed his government inability to handle the present national economic hardship situation Sierra Leone is faced with. Prof. Kallon with little idea of the situation at hands, lied to the nation whiles foolishly trying to define inflation caused by his government and other macroeconomic theories, with biased explanations of monetary and fiscal policies all out of mere poor analytical judgments. This is being frown at by the people as president Bio is more concerned with foreign debts settlement to win points than the present economic plights of the ordinary citizens. And professor Kallon’s recent ban of the use of foreign currencies in local transactions in not also helping the situations.


Shockingly for the people the efficient public debts management promised by Bio while campaigning for the presidency in 2012 and 2018 is not yet at play, nor does the new direction is working to facilitate the payments of local contractors, but those who were recently awarded by the present dispensation, are paid without delays, discouraging others who had been in business with the past government thereby selectively killing local businesses in the country’s private sector.


The president didn’t promise debts settlements but his government is engaged in that now though debts are not the problems affecting the national socio-economic stability under the current dispensation. Votes winning are more matter to the payment of debts as for them; it can help the SLPP party in its campaigns for second term, to win the next elections. So seeing government in such a mad rush is not surprising in that president Bio is using the politics of debts settlements to also effectively campaign for his third coming, even though he has completed his last term as a flag bearer of the SLPP, not for alleviation the sufferings of the masses as expected from such fund that concerned the president.


So also we expect SLPP vampire government of politics of debts to stop crying wolf and focus on return Sierra Leone economy to a positive trajectory for the general well being of the masses and prepare paths for sustainable socioeconomic development, because the politics of debts has in the past failed us as a nation, simply because SLPP politicizes every aspects of governance.


Leaving politics out of the payments of domestic and foreign debts owed by past Sierra Leone government is really untimely for president Bio and the SLPP government to take up such issues now because all expectations are directed at the present worse economic situation which needs urgent attention for impressive reforms. And not SLPP economic vampires and their destructive politics of debts settlements owed by last APC administration.


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