Highlights of Bio’s Timely Accomplishments

Barely a year and six months ago when president Dr Julius Maada Bio took up state governance and occupied himself with the daunting task of investing in Sierra Leone’s human resources to foster sustainable national development. President Bio as promised, has brought significant turnarounds as in line with the vows of the ruling Sierra Leone People’s Party (SLPP) 2012-2018 elections guide lines.


Human development according to development experts is the enlargement of people’s freedom, opportunities as well as the improvements of the very socio-economic wellbeing of citizens of a country. Human development by every stretch of imaginations enhances liberties of the people to constructively participate in important national issues.


Growth by this understanding entails socio-emotional, physical, language as well as the cognitive aspects of development people’s livelihoods, whose only threats is corruption, corrupt practices and officials.


That’s why president Bio is almost always hard on corrupt officials and their practices that have destroyed the country over the years…though recovering corruptly acquired wealth from past government officials are not achievements for anti-Bios, ruling party fans and supporters say their leader has come this far in impressing them in terms of service deliveries and corruption mitigation and development as a whole.


Bio’s recent cast of champs on corruption is the proving of the State Chief of Protocol Mrs Fatmata Edna Kargbo for unexplained wealth, following a widely shared video on the social media, in which the protocol lady gave a testimony saying the she was able to complete her building after ten years. Karabo is the State Chief of Protocol to President Bio. She schedules appointments and arranges the president’s programmes.


Translating his proposals into life touching social actions programmes and activities, president Bio’s government has embarked on massive recruitments of female military officers drawn from across the country into the armed forces, along with huge number of police personnel, including other entities of capacity development.


Well prepared to deliver Sierra Leoneans, Bio dashed straight into quick actions to solve problems like a leader on a mission, he effectively unveiled the free quality education, now providing materials to thousands of primary and secondary school pupils. The scheme also provides school feedings to pupils lower primary school kids nationwide with hopes of a positive turnaround in the lives of youngsters and the basic education in particular.


Towards his first one hundred days in office, Bio embraced economic and financial challenges he inherited probably from his friends and brothers of the last All People’s Congress (APC) administration of former president Dr Ernest Bai Koroma.

He has so far succeeded in transforming the economy through revenue generation and cut in public expenditures, though more is now alleged to spending on top government sectors including the presidency than other areas. These are some of the major successes and gains that are being progressively recorded by the Bio presidency.


From the front of domestic and foreign debts management and financial governance, president Bio is thriving to introducing financial prudency into the whole system, by first of all terminating risk loans and reinforced tax and revenue generations. The Bio SLPP government through his failed Ministry of Finance officials directed funds towards rural financing to improve community development and facilitate citizens’ access to finance in rural areas.


President Bio launched the commissions of inquiry and has a come a long way in exposing corrupt government official of the past APC regime, recovering huge chunks of stole moneys that have been refunded to the national consolidated fund. His government inherited the treasury single account from the Koroma administration and it is now one of the best laws left by the past regime.


The government is seemingly working round the clock to fast track the full completion of the regional energy project; the West African Power pool, with installations of transmission lines almost everywhere in the country. The Ministry of Energy through the Tukish power ship, is also supplying regular power to homes, factories and other private as well as public entities making businesses much easier for the people.


So that debate that it is too early to be cataloguing and assessing progress and achievements being made since last April to date by president Bio and the SLPP government, for the purpose of monitoring and evaluations of governance systems in Sierra Leone democratic process, it is therefore worthy of giving accolades where it is due. And when once somebody does a good job he/she deserve praise for such works. So let’s praise the SLPP government of president Bio for the gainful strides being made in a little less than a year and six months under his leadership.


By way ensuring that the people benefit from proceeds of mineral wealth from their various communities, the Bio government has strategically move towards reviewing “bad” mining agreements that were signed by the past government. It has also gone ahead to re-examine other outstanding investments deals in furtherance towards opening up the country for foreign trade and international businesses.


Moreover, healthcare services delivery under the present SLPP Bio led dispensation is up and running perfectly in top gears though there are minor challenges here and there, yet free Healthcare facilities for lactating mothers, pregnant women and under fives remained effective than ever before. And president Bio has made additional expansions with opening hospitals and regular ambulance services to facilitate patients’ emergency access to healthcare everywhere in the country. Other critical issues affecting the sectors are also being addressed by the president and the line ministry.


For water and sanitation access, president Bio through the Ministry of Water Resources has put measures in place for consistent supplies of water and sanitation facilities to homes in Freetown and all provincial communities.


As in line with the trajectory the president administration inherited from the past government, president Bio has unveiled and commissioned a nationwide infrastructures projects, targeting major townships, district headquarter towns and chiefdoms with massive road constructions, starting with home district of Bonthe. The Bo-Matru road. Charity begins at home indeed president Bio sanctioned the construction of a road leading to his private resident at Juba West of Freetown, the successful completion of the controversial Shegbe Pieh Bridge, Lumley Atlantic Bridge, 65 kilometers road constructions in Kenema and the much talked about ambitious Lungi bridge project now on bid all costing millions of Leone.


Add to these are; the Gbalay Bridge, the Manowa Bridge, Zimi-Kenema highway, Kailahun-Pendembu road and the Koindu market erection for a gainful revamp of cross border trade and commercial between neighbouring countries in furtherance to develop the people, an area where both past and past governments have invested so much.


President Bio has also gone that far in succeeding to re-brand the country and raise the confidence of investors to get in and do business in the country. This is why he addressed the London investment and donor conference early this year. It also lifted the confidence of potential investors and tourists. These among so many other development and successful strives are the timely accomplishments that are being undertaken by the Bio SLPP government.


I know you have the required experiences to govern this nation though you have not pay salaries yet I do hope that you would continue to make steady progress and gainful achievements in delivering Sierra Leoneans from the  under development and abject poverty.

By Ben Karbaguae




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