Rokupa Hospital Taking More Lives Than They Should Be Saving  

Health Minister Dr A. T Wurie

Health Minister Dr A. T Wurie

Apart from several refusal of patients to death due to what they attributes to lack of beds, health workers neglects at the Rokupa Government Hospital Wellington east of Freetown, has escalated to the peak of leaving patients to die, while nurses are always glued to their cell phones browsing WhatsApps.

One such untimely fatal death was 33 years old Mohamed Bangura, who was admitted at the health facility two days after which he died after nurses had administered hot blood on Mohamed shortly before his death.

Prior to Mohamed’s admission at the hospital, a nurse had early secretively extorted over Le 150,000 from the patient’s relatives and administered few drugs using drips and injectables, but later Dr Juanah recommended that he should be given blood.

The nurses could not produce the blood on excuses that there is no regenerator at the health centre, which prompted one of the patient’s relatives to dashed to Cottage hospital get the blood but by the time he reaches with it the cells had already died.

The patient Mohamed Bangura when the hot blood was administered on him he complained to the nurses and his relatives that he was uneasy with the treatment as he was hitching all over his body.

With the increasing unbearable pain, Mohamed got down the bed went to the toilet trying the use the gent where he met his timely death at the entrance of the hospital rest room.

According patients relatives randomly interview by Forum Newspaper, the hospital normally send people to acquire blood and bring to the hospital whenever somebody needs blood.

They added that the hospital most times refused to admit patients and so many people had died by the negligence attitude of health workers leading to recent deaths at Rokupa Government Hospital.

The hospital report revealed hardly offer drugs rather proscribe and direct patients or their loved ones to buy at a nearby drugs store probably a stone throw from the hospital, while nurses in wards are always busy also stealing drugs from patients even when they are in pain.

The negligence behaviors of health workers towards patients cuts across and has adversely affected the Free Health Care policy as drug thefts by workers has returned into the sector.

Rokupa and the Lumley government hospitals have recently received a $ 400, 000 medical support for health sector upgrades from Coca Cola Foundation in partnership with Equatorial Coca Cola Bottling Company.

The funds were expected to utilize for the procurement of medical equipment for both hospitals but Rukupa is sadly going without a conducive health environments not to even mention a refrigerator to properly handle drugs. We tried to contact Dr Juanah for his side of the story but could not find him.


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