By Karamoh Kabba



And it seems His Excellency, President Julius Maada Bio is possibly having inadequate awareness of the facts, ill-advised or liking it the more the occurrences.


We have seen and still experiencing very disturbing trends of selective justice being meted out to politicians and ordinary citizens by spineless and shameless police force and judiciary.


And what is more, in meeting their collaborative ends, the greatest casualty has been the very African Charter on Democracy, Elections and Good Governance.


The main opposition APC party executive members and their supporters have been perpetual victims of unabated police brutality, trump-up charges against them and illegal incarcerations by the Police and the Judiciary, many a time acting in collusion with the Executive and the Legislature.


In all of the several alleged cases of violence in bye elections between the SLPP and the APC before the Courts since April 2018, not one SLPP member is in detention, in Court or in prison for any crime — for anything.


Despite the fact that the whole nation is witnessing egregious violence and human rights crimes being perpetrated by one chief SLPP thug called Arata, serving ministers and police officers in broad daylight in these bye elections and in the several cases of election violence before the Courts, the IG’s representatives shamelessly stand in as prosecution witnesses against members of the main opposition only.


To substantiate the claim of institutional collusion and collaboration amongst the three arms of government in apportioning selective justice, recently, the Director of Public Prosecution (DPP) was on Radio Democracy 98.1 arguing that the judiciary only prosecute matters investigated and brought fourth by the Police before the DPP for prosecution in Court when squeezed by a local moderator on the issue of selective justice.


And indeed, it’s now glaringly clear that those ‘so called’ cases that are “investigated and brought fourth by the Police before the DPP for prosecution in Court,” according to the DPP are all against the opposition in a ‘it takes two to tango’ scenario according to  the facts and expressed public opinion.


Evidence planting against accused persons is also not uncommon in these cases. In one such case before the Court, a police prosecution witness presented a bag of stones which were supposedly picked up singly and separately from the crime scene, but when the bag was emptied in the Courtroom in evidence, a pall of dusty cloud covered the pile of stones.


This indicates that the stones were gathered from one location along with the dust in a hurry. Shamefully, the witness stated under cross examination that he was not at the crime scene and that the bag of stones was brought to him in his office to be tendered in evidence.


In what many believe was initially targeted at oppressing the opposition, the President’s State of Emergency on sexual penetration (SP) failed woefully because amongst other reasons, Paramount Chief Jonathan Kabakah Tucker stands accused of had allegedly “brutalized and raped a 16-year old girl in his village” and fathered a child by the 16 year old girl-child in Bonthe District.


He still remains an untouchable free man from the police and the DPP in the comfort of his Cheifdom in Bonthe District.


In an article, “Selective Justice Undermines Efforts to Address Incidents of Rape”, Septimus Kanu wrote; “A classic example, as a vivid reminder to viewers, was the complicity of the very President Bio in hushing the rather telling accusation of rape leveled on his uncle, *Paramount Chief Jonathan Kabakabah Tucker* Sobo village, Norgorba Chiefdom in Bonthe District.”


In the war against corruption, there seem to exist a grand thievery going on – politically exposed persons (PEPs) are building mighty structures around the country with unexplained wealth and in a hurry, some badly constructed with dismal formwork.


Recently, “a three-storey building” collapsed in Bo District trapping several people in rubbles. As if buildings are wild trees that grow in the wilderness, authorities are yet to tell us who owns that much talked about “a three-storey building”.


Save for some journalistic curiosity, the attempted coverup is coming to light slowly in the mainstream and social media that the owner of the building in question might likely be a PEP who is said to be a highly placed person at EDSA.


According to eye-witness account, 82 persons registered to work on the project that morning when the badly engineered structure bit the dust.


A well placed citizen of good standing in Bo District explained that “many of the workers fled to safety but for seven people who were trapped in and rescued from the rubbles of which two died in a hospital in Bo city”.


It’s more so for the reason above that the authorities must disclose who owns the building, at least, for the sake of the Right to Access Information Act 2013.


Two Sierra Leoneans dead in a badly constructed building are two Sierra Leoneans too many, and we may never know how many more people might have been trapped in the rubbles of that collapsed “a three-storey building”.


Amidst rumors that PEPs are possibly utilizing unexplained wealth to raise mighty structures in the country in a hurry and without good formwork, “the same owner of the ‘a three-story building’ that collapsed is said to be also building a resort on Matru On The Rail RD with 15 chalets in a hurry,” the same well placed citizen of good standing explained.


Could it be that we are sitting by a mass grave shrouded in secrecy?


In fairness to H.E. President Maada Bio for his magnanimity in initiating dialogues with the main opposition, though seem too little too late, I think the Police bras are too overzealous.


And in trying to look good geared towards saving their jobs amidst the prevailing mass sacking of workers in the country, they are grossly undermining the President’s effort in easing of the existing heightened political tension in the country.


Lastly, I will not comment on the trump-up charges against me and 23 others in the High Court of Sierra Leone for which I was in detention and remand prison for 32 days, but will endeavor to inform the whole world to know that the Police wants me again for more trump-up charges against me for the third time and still counting.


The first time, it was a bogus allegation of stealing/vandalizing my official vehicle while I was a minister. I was arrested at Radio Democracy 98.1 morning show programme and detained for several days at the CID without charges. I was released and nobody said anything to me — nothing absolutely.


Apparently, we are beginning to see a new trend that seems to be consistent with the fact that all the under-links of the President and his Vice may be working in isolation without a central command.


Evidently, when we visited the President recently as a political party, he stated that “You cannot try to win elections in another party’s stronghold by all means necessary” and when my invitation to CID to answer allegations on more trump-up charges against me was brought to the attention of Vice President Juldeh Jalloh on 30th September 2019, I was allowed to make a statement and go home a freeman despite the Police’s overzealousness to send me in again without proper investigation or evidence.


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