Africell: Leading In Sierra Leone Since 2005

Since Africell launched its operations in Sierra Leone in 2005, the company’s network today, unlike its competitors covers more than 76% of the market share. This has been the case since 2009, according to surveys and statistical reports in the possession of this press.

Apart from being the biggest in terms of coverage across Sierra Leone, Africell is also the biggest in terms of supporting the local media to grow and sustain itself. Africell has signed numerous MoUs with various media houses and has even signed several MoUs with for example the Bike Riders Association and other organizations, associations and institutions for the overall growth and sustainability of these groups.

Africell Managing Director is a man who many Sierra Leoneans regard as a father, brother and friend who has the interest of the country and its citizens at heart and has been ensuring over the years that Africell tariff meets the pocket of the average Sierra Leonean so that they can talk and use internet at bottom rock prices unlike what we see happening with the tariff system of other mobile phone operators.

The likes of John Konteh who is Manager of AirRadio is another character worth his salt. Since he started work at Africell he has ensured that he takes the company from height to height through his daily interactions with the media and other public entities.
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