“Tongo Will Rise Again”- Global Connection Assures  

Tongo Global Connection (TGC) was formed on 6th May 2018 in Maryland, United States of America as a social forum through its framers who met and networked several times in a group meeting at 6833A Riverdale RD APT A1 in Maryland to connect and contact everyone globally and to know who and who is still alive hence the name of the organization.

The founding members were living in Tongofields in the Kenema District before the 1991 brutal civil war in Sierra Leone. It was during the war that the township and its environs were severely destroyed.

The founding members are Abdulai Jalloh (ABRA JAY), Mohamed Gbassa Conteh,  Saiku Jalloh,  Ishata Cole,  Foday  Nurse Conteh,  Ahmadu Sankoh, Kadiatu Conteh,  Dauda Sankoh, Isatu Conteh and Wiseman Amadu Daramy met several times and deliberated on, “what can we do to advance Tongo Fields ?”

With our global network, our brothers and sisters in the UK/Ireland in the persons of Adikali Dumbuya, Yamania Conteh, Foday Foxy Bayoh and Ansu Baba Sawanneh fast-tracked the movement of the forum with descendants of Tongo in Europe with members like Hassan Bah,  Mohamed Timbo Jalloh and  Pa Abdulai Jalloh.

Members of TGC in Canada include Mohamed Bella Jalloh, Bangali Fofana and Haroona Amara.

TGC was established with the mission to address the numerous challenges facing the people and for the township to regain its past glory.

Tongo was the real place to be as we can remember; it was not only the operations of the National Diamond Mining Company (NDMC) that put Tongo on the map of Sierra Leone but also its agricultural prowess and endowments with produce like coffee, cocoa, kola nuts and rice.

Tongo was also a great trading hub for merchants all over the country and beyond as traders came from as far as Liberia and Guinea to participate in the activities of the Pray Day Friday.

Along these corporate entrepreneurial activities were social ones as well.

Tongo had great schools, both primary and secondary, churches and mosques that made the township a force to reckon with as both night and day lives were not only active but fun to always remember.

The rebel war hit the country like a brick in a tunnel with Tongo being one of the most affected and devastated.

However, with God’s blessings, the war ended and now almost 18 years after the end of the war, Tongo is yet to recover from the scars of the war inspite of the fact that most other communities have or are rebuilding their lives.

It is as a result of this feeling of neglect and abandonment that Tongo’s spirit started crying to her children, brothers and sisters the pertinent questions: Why the neglect? Where are the children of Tongo who should be her vanguard of rebuilding the infrastructure for Tongofields to regain her past glory?

It need not be overstated that the war caused, “ripples like a stone thrown into water touching us all.”

Therefore, the search for the answers to the above burning questions and challenges that awoke the conscience of the children of Tongo led to the establishment of TGC with the primary objective of promoting development and fostering unity among its indigenes and the community.

Tongo needs basic facilities like pipe-borne water supply, electricity and healthcare.

The Secretariat of TGC, USA and Europe, has established the Freetown Branch in Sierra Leone with Dr. James Samba as National President and his Vice, Mrs. Fatmata Claire Carlton Hanciles with the Tongo based executive and an office space.

Furthermore, TGC has been launched in Central Tongo Fields, a move that has united the Chiefdom Elders.

At the moment, TGC is rehabilitating the Roman Catholic Independence School, one of the oldest in the chiefdom.

Members generously contribute funds to all TGC development programs.

According to Wiseman Amadu Daramy, Global Secretary General, TGC, USA, the Secretariat is pleased to announce that Mrs. Fanta Kabba Conteh has been crowned for her philanthropic donation of three large solar panels and assorted equipment to the Tongo Township.

Mrs. Fanta Kabba Conteh asserted, “as a member of TGC, daughter of the soil and old girl of the Roman Catholic Independence School, now is the time for me to pay back by positively contributing to the development of Tongo.”





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