About Us

Forum Newspaper SL is a national independent newspaper which publishes in print and online editions with Sierra Leoneans in mind and gives readers the opportunities to know about latest happenings, trends, and learn more about relevant societal issues. Here we earn our readers valuable knowledge and make informed decisions via feedbacks, and traditionally remained uninfluenced by any political interest.

The paper’s print edition publishes thrice per week and keeps readers posted with the latest news as it happens as we aspire to serve as an online informational resource base, with multi-media contents and increased engagements with audience through new media platforms.

Forum Newspaper SL covers broad range of topics with the desire to develop a high quality multi-media news contents portal. Our team comprised the most respected and fearless web-native and multimedia  journalists, writers and editors with vast knowledge in online media publications and internet technology.

Forum Newspaper SL therefore provide an alternative unique voice with aimed at informing, entertaining, educating and uplifting passionate as well as sophisticated audiences through a variety of our publications.

We therefore remain a perfect fixed for all your advertising needs. So get involve now by following our new/social media platforms. Our values at Forum Newspaper SLare of constructive nationalistic approach with commentaries on contemporary socio-economic, political and cultural issues directly affecting the fabrics of our society.

We firmly believe in people’s intelligence and that news is not a matter of having re-conceptions that’s why we are trying to meet the demand for factually correct information with strict adherence to the Independent Media Commission IMC Code of Practice, while we serve as a media for all views, voices, ideas and perspectives.

Forum Newspaper SL